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Osteopatia e Massagem
Rua Gonçalves Zarco, 21B
1400-192 Lisboa
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The Practice of osteopathy and massage therapeutic and aesthetic specialty aggregates in one space. Offers the user ease of use of different specialties without having to move to other locations when you need to perform simultaneously two or more therapies.

Existing therapies in our space are:, Osteopathy, massage therapy and lymph drainage.

"The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow"-Eden Phillepotts (1862-1960).

The Practice of osteopathy and massage is a therapeutic space, with modern equipment, where the comfort and well-being of the patient are our priority.

We are a team of certified and professional excellence and working in multi-disciplinary collaboration, whose objective is to offer the patient a quality treatment.

All these features make the difference the Office of osteopathy and massage and allow a personalized service and a correct diagnosis.

In the same space focus various types of therapies at the same time complement each other and allow the ideal treatment.

The Mission of the Office of osteopathy and massage have a holistic view on the diagnosis and treatment of the patient, in which the therapy used with synergy and efficiency, will no doubt contribute to the health of our patients.